Reece Leung - Vague

Reece Leung - Vague

Reece Leung - Vague

Northern Monk Patrons

44,00 DKK


Citra light lager.

"We started with a base of soft, balanced water and pilsner barley malt mixed with plenty of flaked corn, which is highly fermentable and makes for an extra crisp mouthfeel. We also added a touch of wheat to boost head retention. The beer was then fermented cool and slow with an extended cold maturation period (thank you Christmas) as per a true lager fermentation.

Finally, we dry-hopped twice with brewhouse favourite Citra. The results are a super easy drinking lager, crisp and soft with low bitterness but backed up by layers of gentle tropical fruit flavours. Adjunct lager doesn’t have to be bland."


Part of the Northern Monk Patrons Project. 

Brewed by Northern Monk.

  • 4.5%
  • 440ml
  • UK