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Rhine Hall La Normande

Rhine Hall La Normande

Rhine Hall Distillery




An American style pommeau: Apple Brandy with non-fermented apple cider.

"La Normande is an American-style Pommeau, a product native to the Normandy region in France. We mix our Apple Brandy with fresh pressed apple cider and age it in bourbon barrels for roughly 9 months. The finished product is a rich apple cider with an Apple Brandy backbone. Various breweries use the resultant bourbon barrels to age their beers. 

La Normande was first introduced to co-owner, Jenny, and her husband, Taylor, when visiting the Normandy region of France.  'La Normande' in French means, "The Woman from Normandy," as a woman named Heloise introduced Jenny and Taylor to the process for making this regional Pommeau."

Handcrafted and distilled by Rhine Hall Distillery

  • 18%
  • 750ml
  • US