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Saison de l'Ouvrier

Saison de l'Ouvrier


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Wild Farmhouse Ale

"Before a series of experimental saisons, it will provide the basis for the following others: use of unmalted wheat and wild yeast from beerberas. This particular version is characterized by the use of East Kent Goldings also in DH."

"Process: Fermentation starting from wild yeasts obtained from the “spontaneous” of the LoverBeer house, fermented and matured in oak vats for 5/6 months, dryhop with East Kent Golding hops, refermentation in the bottle or barrel

Inspiration: The Ales Farmhouse produced in Belgium in the Hainaut region up until the sixties which, unlike today, reached a balanced taste even through acidity.

Description: With a light and opalescent color, it is rich in citrus scents on the nose and fresh at the draft with evident acidulous, yeast and wood notes. Thanks to the use of English noble hops, the fragrance recalls the most characteristic sensations of one of the most beloved styles of Belgium

Serving temperature: 8 ° -12 °

Suggestions: Excellent all year round, extremely refreshing in the warmer months.

Try it with dishes of obvious flavor."

Get the Italian vibe with this version of the Saison de l´Ouvrier series. Don't forget to try the other ones and compare.

Love is in the air!

Brewed by Loverbeer

  • 6%
  • 375ml
  • IT