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Micro India Pale Ale with Amarillo, Sultana, and Idaho 7 hops. 

"Our ode to the seshlords of Finland, Sandstorm is our new Micro IPA designed for sauna drinking and all things Darude.⠀
Built on our big base grist for Northern Lights, we've pushed Sandstorm that little bit further with the oat and wheat viscosity bulk up mouthfeel to a firm 11 on this one.⠀
Sandstorm hops wise is a deeper, bassier counterpart to Northern Lights - focusing on all that's wonderful and supercharged in Idaho 7, Sultana (formally Denali) but still thrown that top notes to end all top notes - a massive helping of Amarillo - the tangerine queen.⠀
All that Idaho 7 and Sultana throws a bigger, rounder mouthfeel and gives off spades of stone fruits, pineapples, a hint of grape with a big complimenting nose of candied orange peel and tangerines bellowing from the nose and following thorough as you'd hope they would to the body."

Brewed by Whiplash 

  • 2.8%
  • 440ml
  • IR