Schalchner Ursprung

Schalchner Ursprung

Schalchner Ursprung

Weissbräu Schwendl




"This specialty presents itself with a thick head and a noble amber color.

The special mixture of dark and light wheat and barley malt in connection with fine aroma hops create an unmistakable aroma. In the initial taste, you notice the power of this malt mixture as well as a wonderful balance of bread and yeasty notes from your own pure yeast culture. The fermentation in the bottle is responsible for the soft flavour of this beer. Only in the finish is the full-body replaced by a mild bitterness in combination with fruity notes and initiates a long finale."

Brewed & bottled by Weissbräu Schwendl

  • 5.8%
  • 500ml
  • DE