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Saison de L’Ouvrier Serpilla

Saison de L’Ouvrier Serpilla


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Wild Farmhouse Ale with Wild Thyme- 2015

"Process: Fermentation starting from wild yeasts obtained from the "spontaneous" of the LoverBeer house, fermented and matured in oak vats for 5/6 months, cold infusion with wild thyme, refermentation in the bottle or stem

Inspiration: The Ales Farmhouse produced in Belgium in the Hainaut region up until the sixties which, unlike today, reached a balanced taste even through acidity. To better interpret the concept of farmhouse we isolated and used a LoverBeer home yeast. Characterizing element is a spontaneous aromatic herb: wild thyme, already used historically for an original liqueur from the Occitan valleys.

Description: "With a slightly golden and opalescent color with vinous, lactic and fresh notes in the nose, the Serpilla, although characterized by such an unusual aromatic herb, takes us back to the ancient tradition of the Walloon peasants of spicing with local seasonal herbs. The nose is dominated by pungent hints of Mediterranean scrub such as thyme, oregano and lemon balm. In the palate it is slightly acidulous, very fresh and balsamic giving freshness and ample drinkability. "- Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska

Serving temperature: 8 ° -12 °

Suggestions: Broadly thirst-quenching, never cloying, we can define it as a gastronomic beer, due to the immediate olfactory appeal that refers to roasts, meat dishes in general and oregano."


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Brewed by Loverbeer

  • 5,8%
  • 375ml
  • IT