SLAM DANK - Northern Monk / Jon Simmons



Northern Monk / Jon Simmons

55,00 DKK


"Our latest special release IPA harks back to IPA's gone by... Not English hopped but dank to the eyeballs like the classic West Coast IPA's that once dominated our drinking (many, many weeks ago....).
We've aimed to take everything we've learnt and loved developing our NE-styles over the past year or so and bring the dankest hop varieties to the party. So the mouthfeel is still soft and silky smooth but this time with just a touch more intensity of malt flavour. A light bittering addition was backed up by heavy whirlpool hopping with Simcoe and Mosaic at reduced temperature for maximum flavour and minimal bitterness pick up."
  • 7,4%
  • 440ml
  • UK