Smoldering Holes BA Bourbon

Smoldering Holes BA Bourbon

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ABV 11%
Country Denmark
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Bourbon Barrel Aged version of the Smoldering Holes. Released in October 2016.

Stouts & Breakfast

Malty, thick body, lingering sweetness and notes of roasted coffee, cocoa, and brownie batter are what make a stout. Stouts range from very sweet to dry, either way the coffee notes in them make it the perfect breakfast beer. They are often more of a sipper and hence are a great alternative to coffee during a Sunday brunch. Pair your chicken and waffles breakfast with your stout to really bring out all the sweet and luscious characters of the beer. You won’t even realize you didn’t have a coffee since the warming nature of the high alcohol content will allow you to start the day even without the added caffeine kick.


A stout is a big, dark, toasty and complex beer, made using roasted malts. Typical stylistic expressions will include either time in a barrel or the use of one or two adjuncts. In later years though, more modern versions relies heavily on the use of adjuncts to give the beer taste.

Logo for Warpigs

In Copenhagen's former Meatpacking District, you’ll come across a place that will appeal to anyone who likes their IPAs ultra hoppy and fresh from the tank – that place is Warpigs Brewpub.

Located in a former slaughterhouse, this white-tiled slice of beer and barbecue heaven opened as a 50/50 partnership with our good friends from Three Floyds, based out of Munster, Indiana.

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