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Stauning Malted Rye Whisky 2018

Stauning Malted Rye Whisky 2018




 "Stauning Rye is one of our core products. It is a straight rye whisky as it is over 3 years old. Always with a mashbill of floor maltet Rye and Barley. The spirit is from a double distillation in traditional direct fire pot stills which gives a complex whisky with lots of nuances to explore.This one bottled at high proof Cask Strength."

It is aged on heavy toasted Virgin American Missouri White Oak Casks. And it has gained lots of color and flavor from the casks – a full-bodied Whisky.

It's warm, friendly and fresh at the same time, spicy, bold, full-bodied and seems older than the age suggests. One clearly senses the Rye and recognize the scent of freshly baked Rye bread.

Stauning Rye contains only malted rye and malted barley. This makes it something very special in the world of whisky. Rye is difficult to handle and even more difficult when wet and malted. Therefore, it is not common to malt the rye. At Stauning they do all processes by hand and it means that they can handle malting of the Rye. You will surely be able to taste in the finished product. 

Distilled 2015, Bottled November 2018

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  • 43.3%
  • 500ml
  • DK