Sur Ferskener

Sur Ferskener

Sur Ferskener

Mikkeller San Diego



Sour Blonde Ale aged on Masumoto Peaches in oak barrels for 18 months - 7% ABV


"Every year we anxiously await the arrival of fresh stone-fruit harvest during the peak of summertime. This particular lap around the sun saw a bountiful collection of freshly harvest peaches, delivered same-day from Masumoto Farms just south of Fresno. We wanted to go classic and craft a blend of blonde ales from our mixed fermentation program that would allow the fruit to shine. Together came white wine barrel aged sour blonde and a touch of red wine barrel aged Saison onto about 1.5 pounds per barrels of hand-cut and pitted peaches. Bright, tart, with a modest funk, a huge peach punch carries through a delicate acidity and high carbonation. Light notes of Brettanomyces funk and earthy vinous layers ensure complexity. A juicy treat, perfect for the burgeoning Spring season." 

Brewed by Mikkeller San Diego

  • 7%
  • 500ml
  • US