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The Prometheus Effect

The Prometheus Effect

Modern Times

190,00 DKK


Barrel aged Amphora Saison.

The magnificent beverage you now see before you have one foot in modern experimentation and another in the ancient world. Modern Times let a portion of this lovely, blended saison age for two months in an amphora, a type of large clay vessel used for winemaking since the Neolithic Age and recently popular with an adventurous cadre of natural winemakers. It was then blended with it’s red wine barrel-aged counterpart, resulting in a complex-yet-insanely-drinkable marvel, with plenty of farmhouse funk, light citrus acidity, and an extremely pleasant minerality from the time spent in its clay housing. It’s a delightful marriage of progress and history that we think you’re really going to enjoy putting in your face.


Brewed and bottled by Modern Times 

  • 6.3%
  • 750ml
  • US