The Sinner Series - Pride - Amager Bryghus

The Sinner Series - Pride

The Sinner Series - Pride

Amager Bryghus

60,00 DKK


"We thought about this for a long time: what kinda beer would give us the utmost feeling of pride in The Sinner Series? Well, if you know Amager Bryghus you already know that Imperial Stouts have a special place in our hearts. So “Pride” simply had to be an Imperial Stout. What is special about this take on the style is that we boiled the h… out of it. Actually we boiled it for 6 hours, making for a richer and fuller version. We would never dare calling this the perfect Imperial Stout - that would be taking pride way too close to hubris! But we hope you enjoy it nonetheless. We’re not proud to be sinners, but at least we’re open about it…"

- Imperial Stout
- Brewed By Amager Bryghus

  • 10%
  • 500ml
  • DK