Germany Bundle

Germany Bundle

Germany Bundle

German Beer




16 classics from Germany!


This bundle contains - 

Klosterbrauerei Baumburg 
  • 1x Baumburg Pils - Crisp and refreshing Pilsner

  • 1x Baumburger Hell - Helles lager

Private Landbrauerei Schönram 
  • 1xSchönramer Pils - German pilsner brewed with the finest Tettnang and Hallertauer aroma hops.

  • 1x Schönramer Hell - Helles Lager

Brauerei Kundmüller 
  • 1x Weiherer Pils - A typical Franconian Pils with a creamy white, fine-pored head that pours a fresh yellow colour.  

  • 1x Weizen Hell - German wheat beer (Weissbier)

Brauerei Spezial 
  • 1x Weissbier Rauchbier - Smoked wheat beer - Never available on tap! Cloudy, deep amber in color with orange highlights beneath a full head of pillowy bright white foam.

  • 1x Märzen Rauchbier - The original smoked beer and Bamberg's specialty for centuries. A dark bottom fermented lager beer, brewed with 100% smoked malt from the Schlenkerla maltings.

Mahr's Bräu 
  • 1x aU Ungespundet Naturtrüb - Kellerbier with Hallertauer Perle hops. 

  • 1x Helles Vollbier - Helles with Hallertauer & Herkules/Mittelfrüh hops.

Brauhaus Riegele 
  • 1x Commerzienrat Riegele Privat - Cris, elegant, and complex lager.

  • 1x Riegele Augsburger Herrenpils - Crisp and clean German Pils with 3 rounds of the finest Hersbrucker hops. 

Weissbräu Schwendl 
  • 1x Schalchner 5 Korn - Weissbeirish. As well as wheat and barley contain rye, spelt and oats.

  • 1x Schalchner Ursprung - Hefeweizen.

  • 1x Schalchner Weisse Hell - German wheat beer.

Brauerei Gutmann  
  • 1x Gutmann Weizenbock - Weizenbock
  • 5.3%
  • 500ml
  • DE