Vesterbro Series - Spontan

Vesterbro Series - Spontan

Vesterbro Series - Spontan


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Spontan, sour beer.

Mikkeller Bar (Viktoriagade, Vesterbro)  house beer. Always on tap, but available right here in a freshly tapped bottle. 

Aroma is mellow but packs an interesting mix of funk blended with leather and green apples as well as sweet juicy mandarin. The taste is really fresh from the green apple notes but rounds out nicely with impressions of dry straw mixed with bready maltyness which adds a layer of complexity. Slightly dry and oily finish.
Variety of hops used as well as wild yeast.

Attention allergens! Wheat is used

Brewed by Mikkeller at D’Proef in Belgium

  • 5.5%
  • 330ml
  • DK