Warpigs US Bundle

Warpigs US Bundle

Warpigs US Bundle





A hoppy bursting brews straight from Warpigs, US! 

This bundle contains - 

  • 1x Salmon Pants - A hoppy lager bursting with citrus, melon and grape notes. A light body and dry finish. (Canned 15th of September 2020)

  • 1x Chaosmonger - Double India Pale Ale features massive citrus flavors of orange, tangerine + ruby red grapefruit, while the nose both balances + accentuates those flavors with even more berry + stone fruit. (Canned 5th of November 2020)

  • 1x Four Phantoms - American Blonde Ale. (Canned 20th of October 2020)


Brewed by Warpigs, US

  • 5.3 - 9.5%
  • 355 - 473ml
  • US