Wine Geek Sparkling Riesling

Wine Geek Sparkling Riesling

Wine Geek Sparkling Riesling

Mikkeller / Meierer




Sparkling Riesling

The newest addition to the family. Probably the best canned riesling in the world. We promise!

Vintage: 2016

Taste: Off-dry

Origin: Kesten

The story about why you (almost) always should mix beer and wine 🍷🍺 In 2011, we wanted to push the boundaries for how the world of wine and beer could be intertwined 🤝 One thing let to another and we were introduced to @weingutmeierer and his fantastic Rieslings from Kesten, Mosel.
The grapes produced in the small German were of the highest quality, and Mikkeller beer classics like Beer Geek Riesling and Riesling People were born 🍇
The relationship between Mikkel and Matthias grew based on their shared passion for quality and great craftsmanship, which led to Mikkel establishing his own vineyard in Mosel.
The result has been a range of Rieslings combining techniques from the beer brewing, resulting in wines which like you never have tasted before as well as beers integrating riesling juice.

Produced by Weingut Meirerer in collaboration w/ Mikkeller

  • 11%
  • 500ml
  • DK