Yuzu IPA - Culinary Concepts

Yuzu IPA - Culinary Concepts

Yuzu IPA - Culinary Concepts

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Yuzu India Pale Ale with Citra and Mosaic. 

"Luckily, we’re not short of ramen-heads in the office and to top it off we knew there were two more of New York’s biggest ramen fans heading into Leeds at just the right time; Kevin and Basil of Finback Brewery. We dropped them a line and set about putting together this yuzu IPA, a fruit synonymous with this Asian cuisine.

To complement the sharp, zesty nature of the fruit we wanted a base which was fluffy and rounded but still light enough to contribute to a refreshing drink. We went with pilsner malt and a large portion of wheat, backing them up with small portions of flaked wheat and oats for the base. The idea behind this was to put together
a malt profile reminiscent of the Wit-style but that still had all the soft character that would be expected of a Northern Monk - Finback IPA.

We fermented with our house IPA strain and added yuzu juice at the back end. Finally, we dry- hopped with Citra and Mosaic, generously but not high enough to mask the unique flavour of yuzu."

Brewed by Northern Monk in collab w/ Finback and Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun

  • 6.4%
  • 440ml
  • UK