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Zeus Taint

Zeus Taint

Vonseitz Theoreticales



Cellar release: Spelt Farmhouse Ale.

"We are a small, wild, sour & herbal brewery with a focus on limited batch releases of things foraged and aged.  We run a cobbled together four barrel system in a effort to spread the eccentric and atypical!

We love the synergy of the seasons, the science of mixed fermentation and the history of herbal artisan ale.

Barrel aged and blended creations are released in small batches of less than 25 cases at a time. Our in house lab cultures provides a full ecosystem to each bottle.

There is no such thing as rare beer when every bottle is one of a kind!"


Brewed by Vonseitz Theoreticales

  • 5.6%
  • 500ml
  • US